Hello! I’m Drea Duque, a strong, passionate and talented woman, who specializes in Graphic & Web Design. I am a highly experienced in Web Design, Graphic Design for Social Media, graphic design in printed materials and other creative challenges that come my way. I’ve been working independently and successfully since 2015. Besides these skills, I also write, paint, draw, study, do yoga, play with my pets, travel, teach and learn every day because that’s what I feel I am meant to do.

Brain Thinking in Web Design

I love getting involved in new ideas, projects, and jobs, especially when they are related to societal change or to assisting people in need. I also enjoy working with individuals who care deeply about things that matter.

Since creativity is my muse, I look forward working in environments where new and fresh ideas are welcomed and encouraged. Teamwork, just as individual works both please me entirely. However, like every artist, I love to fly solo whenever possible. Idea Graphic Designer Worldwide

I speak English, Spanish and a little bit of Italian. I love learning Japanese and Sign Language, but since I’m currently involved in my studies in Psychology, I’ve made a pause on my passion for languages. One step at a time seems a lot wiser.

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I’ve been a graphic & web designer for almost 12 years, so it is what I do best. And now, thanks to technology, regardless of where someone is located, I work with people across the globe.

My other passion is Psychology, a career I’m still pursuing. While studying, I apply everything I learn to everything I do, including my designs and artwork. Besides all of these, I run a website named Conociendo Tu Mente (which means knowing your mind) where I write about Psychology-related topics mostly written in Spanish, my native tongue.

If you’d like to know more about my life, my work, or me you can find me here:
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