Using Ads design to show the change that occurs in therapy.


Can mental health have a different voice than the usual “ I need help”/ “get help” angle? Can we create ads that show this concept? Can we merge before and after in one simple but visually impacting message? Can we show tangible benefits of therapy on the visual ads? Can we show a transformation? Can we create something that is not meant to be for the “crazy people” stereotype? We want to show young “normal” people with “normal” problems.


“One Step to Change Ads Campaign”
Ads showing how mental health can change your life if you finally decide to go to therapy, stick to it and start changing your life.

one step to change ads campaign

THE PEOPLE behind it:

A group of mental health care practitioners (therapists) who wanted to show the difference between people who go to therapy and the person who doesn’t without sounding redundant or scaring people off. As mental health providers, they understand how and why the treatment works.


Issues plus Results Ads Campaign

After a conversation with the therapists’ team, in which all details for this were given and thanks to my background in psychology as well, we realized that people don’t like going to therapy since it is thought it is for “crazy” people. There is a lot of stigma around the topic. So, we needed to show results, which of course is extremely hard to do. Real patients cannot be demonstrated due to confidentiality issues, so we’d like to see how to show the happiness and joy in the patient visually. Since the therapy goal is increasing these variables and also help patients achieve a more fulfilling and functional life.


An issue was to avoid the self-help messages or the “I can help you” messages which are very common in the psychology field. And at the same time, that the ads campaign needs to show that the patients are the ones who do to work (put work, time, effort) since it is also believed that the therapist is the one with the solution.

Smily face happiness symbol

Going to therapy is neither comfortable or reassuring at first. It’s just the opposite. It is distressing for the person because you need to go and tell someone you don’t know about your personal life, and you do not know whether you can trust that person with such private information.

Therapy Results happy Guy

Present Before Dark Colors

Once the patient gets to the heart of the matter, which is at a deeper level, then the patient begins to change. Either he/she withdraws from therapy or continue looking for the problem and the core. If the patient continues, then the change starts to happen. We need to show that, if you go is because you want to get answers and a cure, not only to remove a physical discomfort.

“Moreover, the benefits of therapy are not tangible, so we need to make them tangible.”


colors contrast ads campaign

Design Process example

Therapy GOALS: Breakdown the structure of who you think you are. Remove the social mask, rip that part of the personality and see who you are for real. And to be what you want to be.

Animated GIF One Step To Change

Customer questions:

Our clients are sick with a disease they do not understand as it is not physhically visible in most cases. They do not want to accept it. Many people hide their problems  for years. They will do anything before going to therapy as this is their last resource most patients use as they couldn’t resolve their problems by themselves, so they feel like a failure… How do we appeal to them?”

My response:

“We need to show them both: problem and benefits at the same time, so they can see benefits in the ads campaign” “We also need to show changes do not happen in one session, so we need people to see that too”.

Ads Design Happy GUY Therapy

ads campaign go-to-therapy-on-bilboard

Ads Campaign Design Happy Girl

Ads Therapy Example Poster

As you can see, the results are good. Another customer is happy with these plans, strategy, and approach. Do you want to get results with your idea, project or other? You can always contact me and start your design project!