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I created the poster for the Carnival Party hosted by the organization Quito Accueil. The Carnival was celebrated in April 2016, and all French people who live in Ecuador were invited.

The Carnival theme was “masks,” so indeed I tried to show a beautiful image of a golden – white mask, with elegance.

The poster advertised a fancy party, so, it needed to be black or white. Both choices were introduced to our customers, and the white background design was the one selected by our lovely clients.

Accompanied with white color are the different ranges of golden color (a  palette of golden tones), which give a touch of class and distinction.

The selected golden color palette, allows the poster design to become much more attractive to the human eye. Also, the chosen colors have the duty of making the poster design much more interesting, creative, and less piled up; this way, that the human eye can see all the artwork on one “glance” and fewer eye movements, less effort, and greater remembrance.

The background is a soft vintage-like design with ovals and dots to resemble (mimic) the texture of wallpaper. Just as the existent ones in the places and locations where in ancient times these carnivals were held.

The logos were located at the bottom as requested by the customer. The colors and positions as they needed them to be, not my favorite touch, but you know, in design, it is all about what the customer wants!

Indeed, other clients of Unelma Eri Art Studio were very pleased with the result. Hopefully, we’ll do the poster and design elements for next year’s carnival as well :)

Afiche Carnaval Francia | Poster Carnival France Design



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