Improving my illustration skills. Step 0: Stop being afraid.

Illustration Jumping at risk - thinking

Improving illustration skills.
Step 0: Stop being afraid.

I have written before about fear of failure. However, it was not as personal as it is now.

For over a decade, I have done a bunch of things that were not related (not even remotely) with what I want to do: Illustrate & create children’s books!!!

So, to do that, OBVIOUSLY, I need to become much better for that of currently I am and learn a BUNCH of things I still do not know. For example, I need to improve my illustration skills. So it would be logical to start with hiring a teacher or learning from professional illustrators, right?

WRONG! The first thing (step 0), is to overcome your fears & insecurities, accept you are not as good as you want to be, you need help, and that (I cannot stress this enough) there is NO shame on that.

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30 things you learn in a Creative Career

30 things learn as creative designer

The things you learn while working in any creative career for over a decade are quite a lot. Graphic/Web Design is not the exception. As Designer, you not only learn about trends, tips, applications, style, but about yourself and your development.  As you overcome your inner fears and win the battles the world puts in your path, you grow a lot.

However, it is not until you put them in a list (just like I’m doing in this article), that you understand how much that is.

So, on a personal level, as a graphic designer (or in any other creative career), you learn that:

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5 Struggles on any (Design) Career + Solutions

5 Struggles Career Solutions

As I was telling my best friend the other day, the struggles in my design career have been many. However, I do not think they appear on graphic designers’ life exclusively. I believe they are something that could happen to anybody on any field.

Since all of us have fears, inner demons, and internal fights, eventually, all of us have to deal with them. So, whether our struggles come from within us or if they are exterior to us, they are relevant because they are showing us who we are, what we are afraid of, and more importantly: what is important for us.

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Fear of Failure: Does it affect Designers?

fear of failure designers

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

What exactly is Fear of Failure?

Psychologically speaking, fear of failure is an irrational fear inside ourselves that tells us constantly we will not succeed in what we attempt to do. It led us to procrastinate (yes, both are correlated). So, we will avoid doing what we aim to do to protect ourselves from it. (See below the link to this research).

Why does it affect us as Artists/Designers?

On my experience, as I was explaining to a friend of mine (who suggested I should write about it on my blog) fear of failure affects everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, designer, lawyer, doctor. But, yeah, somehow it affects artists and designers more, as we are in professions where we are continuously judged and criticized by our work. So, it is hard not to care! Continue reading “Fear of Failure: Does it affect Designers?”

Logo Design: The 5 TOP reasons why your brand needs one

Logo Design why your company needs it

There are many reasons why your brand needs a logo design. However, I have chosen the TOP 5 to give you a clearer picture of what a logo represents to you and your brand.

The reasons I describe below perhaps will seem quite familiar, logical, obvious or even nonsense for you. Though, I can assure you, having a logo, as described below, is VERY IMPORTANT. When you create a company, your brand or if you start any project, you must include this matter as the priority in your checklist.

So, what are the reasons your brand needs a logo?

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