T-shirt Design Illustration

with Cats & Lions

This project is a personal one. I created it last year just for the fun of remembering old times when I used to illustrate in college. It is special since it was the final illustration project of the year.

When I was sketching the cats & lions, I was aiming a to create a relaxed feline that shows to have personality and attitude. And, after a few tries both of them just came up to life!

cat t-shirt design illustration texture examplecat character design creation example

As you can see in the photos above, the illustration process for both feline characters is posted. Except for the hands’ sketches, I created before illustrating them, as the pictures I took were not 100% clear (and honestly, the sketches were not either).

lion t-shirt illustration texture examplelion character design process example

After the illustration process was over (it took few steps as you can see above). I decided to place them in a couple of t-shirts and see how they look on a real surface. I love the final t-shirt design products :)

T-shirt design illustration Felines Ecuadorcat pillow print design illustration

Blue T-shirt design illustration Lion Cartoon Ecuadorlion pillow print design illustration

Characters Illustration is something I love and enjoy very much. And it is always a plus when you can make them more “real” by making print objects with them. If I ever create other t-shirt design with them or place them in any other media, I will post them in the future on my social media accounts.

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