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The creation of this website was indeed a very rewarding, yet challenging web project that took me a long time (longer than expected) to create and finish.

The extra time it took me to create this WordPress site,  wasn’t long due to the difficulty, but as the website had several reviews by the customer who changed her mind a lot, as she was very excited while creating it and was always finding new ways to improve it.

The goal of my client was creating a new site (she had another site which was old-fashion), in which she could easily add new information or update the old one. Also, a site that will help her convert more customers while looking very professional.

This particular site has many links and pages with a wide variety of content and photos where you can see Ecuador and also the experiences of my client’s travelers.

In spite of the delays, I can proudly say, the result looks very professional, and the customer is very satisfied with it. She is so happy that she is still thanking me – months after the project was finished. She even calls the website “her other daughter.”

Get Ecuador - Web Design | Diseño Web | Quito, Ecuador

You can see the finalized site if you visit: You can check it from your iPad, tablet or mobile device as well, as it is a fully responsive site.

You can also check it out if you are interested in volunteering abroad. Get to Ecuador Website has loads of information about volunteering programs in Ecuador. Also, and not least important, I must say the photos of Ecuador (taken by an amazing professional photographer who helped with this) are amazing!

Few photos for this project were bought from and also, from a great website with loads of FREE and very affordable resources, called:

Web Design - Ecuador Worldwide


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Get Ecuador | Web Design Project | Proyecto de Diseño Web | Unelma Eri Art Studio | Quito, Ecuador | Worldwide Volunteering Programs