Graphic Design Concept Poster

The following poster is one I created a long time ago in one of those moments when I was very inspired to be great at creating illustrations (digital illustrations). I decided to include it in my portfolio for a variety of reasons, I’ll explain them below.

Let me tell you a bit of what I wanted. I was aiming to create a graphic design poster (the reason why the poster has so many design words on it, such as:

  • words,
  • graphics,
  • everywhere,
  • order,
  • translate,
  • synthesis,
  • drawing,
  • graphics,
  • design,
  • information,
  • color,
  • and others.

So, the idea behind aforementioned was to, somehow, show how graphic design mixes a wide variety of concepts, ideas, elements and other things to create one single piece that says everything in a blink of an eye to the person watching it. It allows the person to feel connected with the main idea of the design and its concept.


The other idea, was to show that design is: synthesizing everything you are, have and know (your ability, skills, knowledge as an artist/designer), plus what the customer wants, is – or would like to be – and needs – sometimes without even knowing it -).


When developing this poster, I also remembered how I always wanted to show a bit of myself on a piece very directly, but, as a professional who must always see first and overall what is in the interest of the customer who hires you, never had the chance to do so!! So, I decided to create an illustrated character of myself, place it in the poster and add all the words (and other elements),  that for me represent how graphic design feels on a very personal level (and on a professional level as well).


Nowadays, my graphic design studio aims to create every design with the same philosophy. The reason why I decided to add this particular poster to my current portfolio.

For any inquiry, question or suggestion don’t hesitate to contact me to info @ (no spaces).




Graphic Design Concept 1


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