Modern Logo Design Hostel GioBamboo

The Challenge: was to create a new version of this logo that was modern, colorful, innovative, simple, happy, and more importantly: that shows somehow the bamboo included on the name in a not so visible yet visible way.

The Result: A logo that not only inspires but it is modern, simple, colorful and easy to remember for every person who sees it.

Minimalistic Logo Unelma Eri

The Inspiration:

Ecuador, my beloved country, inspired this great logo design hostel. And of course the branding! See, my country is a beautiful natural place where you can find tons of different plants, animals, and places to visit without having to travel long distances. Besides, this very nice hostel located in Puyo, Ecuador (in the Amazon region) which is full of bamboo leaves and plants.

inspiration bamboo plant logo design

With this logo, the owner wanted to show the most beautiful trait of the hostel: the bamboo. The hostel is called Hostel GioBamboo, which amazingly is almost entirely made of bamboo. So, tourists from both, Ecuador and the entire world, can come and stay a few days enjoying the amenities of the city in the middle of the jungle.

The Colors:

Green (principal), and Orange (secondary) are meant to show nature, life, happiness and the connection with the hostel with a fresh, modern and minimalistic perspective.

Logo Design Colors Values SampleLogo Design Monochrome Example GreenLogo Design Monochrome Example Orange

The leaves are a minimalistic icon representing the bamboo. This looks amazing in each background, with its new corporate identity colors.

The Typography:

typography example logo design hostel

The Applications:

You can see different applications, like the one in the wood-like background in which some of the logo applications for customers and visitors were placed.

Each element is representative of the hostel and its cabins. So, when people get a souvenir or visit the place they will be capable of feeling like they are completely in touch with nature while being in a hotel with all the comforts of their homes.

Brown Paper Souvenier Bag Design

I also created patterns and some souvenirs bags designs for them in their two different colors.

Giobamboo Pattern design Merchandising

I certainly believe the logo design hostel GioBamboo shows what the customer wanted, in a very detailed, expressive and stylish way, and also maintaining the essence of who they are and what they represent. Also, all the details on the patterns and other elements help a lot to differentiate it from the rest.

Also, I must say, the logo design was created including the specifications given by our customer, who was (and still is), pleased with the result! Another happy customer of Unelma Eri who was looking their logo design.

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