Logo Illustration & Design for NeuroMonkey

The following logo illustration design is a very special project I worked on recently. NeuroMonkey is a brand that a good friend of mine created to produce t-shirts, handbags and other clothing. He needed a good designer to take the lead, so here I am showing you the samples and the final result!

Logo Illustration Design Neuro MonkeyMy client/friend was looking for his brand to be funny, unforgettable and humorous in an entirely different way. The reason why a chimp and a spider monkey were the inspiration for creating this logo illustration & design. Along with a brain which is showing ideas coming so fast to the poor monkey’s brain that he’s a bit crazy with a scared/funny face.

The colors are showing life expressed in the logo, the BROWN color, indicates the intensity of nature (wood), trees, looking forward creating warmth visually in the logo. The orange color is for fun, joy, humor, and creativity.

Neuro Monkey Label Tag Design Clothing

Now, I can show you here a few samples of the future applications of this logo illustration. Of course, in the future, I’m sure they will have much more designs available to the public and not merely mock-ups, but their amazing pictures of their finalized products.

Monkey Canvas Bag Design

And finally, this is one of the logo illustration design for the T-shirts that will come available SOON in my country (Ecuador).

T-Shirt Design Monkey Neuro

And finally, here you can see two steps of the creation process, I did not create the usual creation process, but I’m showing you here the logo draft (handmade) and the finalized logo for you to see the similarities and differences.

Logo Creative Process Neuro Monkey

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