Blog Logo Design

The following Logo Design was designed for my Psychology Blog. The logo has evolved through the years. It was created in 2014.

Blog Logo Design Explanation

It is true; it is not the best Iconographic you can create. You may think that if you are a graphic designer PRO. However, it will make sense after a few explanations:

  • The logo icon represents a human head.
  • Inside this, there is a human BRAIN, represented by the heart, (because we need logic+emotions to make better choices and grow as people).
  • And, there is a plant growing too. It represents a person learning more about what is going on with him or her (AKA the blog’s purpose).
  • The feet and the nose picture someone (something) who can move. They were also added as a way to complete the illusion (drawing) of the human head. And also how we keep on walking (metaphorically) on our way to self-knowledge.

logo design monochrome 3d

This Blog Logo Design is very special to me since it was part of my first solo project: My psychology blog which is still online, although I no longer write for it that often as before. The logo also aims to show how psychology helps people see their issues from an entirely different perspective, heal themselves and encourages a more positive view of life with this knowledge (especially when you start going to therapy).

psychology blog-logo design full color.Next to the icon, you can read the words: Conociendo Tu Mente (which means: “Knowing your mind” in Spanish, my native tongue). The font used for it is dynamic and friendly; it invites people to visit and read the blog’s information.

You can click on the link, to check on the website’s design. Though I must clarify, I did not create it from scratch (used a theme), I installed it, worked on it as much as I could (still do), created the photos and others elements for it, so it is my project!  :)

Ecuador Psychology Web Design Preview

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