Blog Logo Design

The Challenge was to create a fun logo design that shows psychology, mind, growth, life, change, and some human form at the same time in one single icon.

The Result: The following logo design designed for my Psychology Blog. The logo has evolved through the years. It was originally created in 2014. And I believe it shows all mentioned above and more.

Blog Logo Design Explanation

The Explanation:

It is true; it is not the best Iconographic you can create. You may think that if you are a graphic designer PRO. However, it will make sense after a few explanations:

  • The logo icon represents a human head.
  • Inside this, there is a human BRAIN, represented by the heart, (because we need logic+emotions to make better choices and grow as people).
  • And, there is a plant growing too. It represents a person learning more about what is going on with him or her (AKA the blog’s purpose).
  • The feet and the nose picture someone (something) who can move. They were also added as a way to complete the illusion (drawing) of the human head. And also how we keep on walking (metaphorically) on our way to self-knowledge.

psychology blog-logo design full color.colors tint values logo conociendo tu mente

The Monochrome Versions of the logo:

logo design monochrome 3d effectlogo design monochrome exampleLogo Design | White in One Color

This Blog Logo Design is very special to me since it was part of my first solo project: My psychology blog which is still online, although I no longer write for it that often as before. The logo also aims to show how psychology helps people see their issues from an entirely different perspective, heal themselves and encourages a more positive view of life with this knowledge (especially when you start going to therapy).
Next, to the icon, you can read the words: Conociendo Tu Mente (which means: “Knowing your mind” in Spanish, my native tongue). The font used for it is dynamic and friendly; it invites people to visit and read the blog’s information.

The Typography of the logo:

conociendo tu mente Typography logo

The Website:

You can click on the link, to check on the website’s design. Though I must clarify, I did not create it from scratch (used a theme), I installed it, worked on it as much as I could (still do), created the photos and others elements for it, so it is my project!  🙂

Ecuador Psychology Web Design Preview

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