Tapnfeel Mockup Website Design

This Website Design project, was created in only ONE WEEK (unbelievable, right?). All the design took me 6 and a half days to complete, working 24/7.

Tapnfeel’s owner was looking for some fresh perspective for a website design to launch this new and fantastic product “Tapnfeel.” He wanted to renew his old web design, which was not very attractive. So, I tried to make it as modern as possible, with high-quality design website and according to his expectations.

website mockup design

As you can see, the finalized products (the website’s pages), I am placing here just the designs I liked better and with my own photos. If you visit their site (www.tapnfeel.com), you’ll see the design with many customer’s changes and after the developers worked on it 😉 ). The design now has a lot more white and different photos. And, you could also take a look at what they do and how Tapnfeel works (it is kind of cool).

industries page design example

Speaking of the design, I used various colors: orange, black, white and many gray tones. The colors by themselves reflect modern, fresh & attractive look for Tapnfeel’s customers. Also, I thought, a great color palette could be created with these colors. Orange was utilized as the base because this is their brand’s identity color.

Web Page Design Mockup Example

I firmly believe this design succeeds in giving Tapnfeel a colorful and fresh look, while at the same time white spaces are utilized to give it a much more modern touch (and respecting the petition & wishes made by the client).

I think the finalized product is fantastic!

Also, Unelma Eri has another happy customer who sent congratulations because a great work was done while creating this Website Design! (Seriously, they sent us an email about it when the project was finally finished and implemented!). By the way, the design is responsive  :).

Tapnfeel Website Design | Unelma Eri | Australia