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This project, was created in just one week (unbelievable, right?). All the design (7 pages) took me 6 and a half days to complete, working 24/7. Tapnfeel’s owner was looking for some fresh perspective to launch this new and fantastic product “Tapnfeel,” with a modern and high-quality design website. I must say this project had to be created in a week since the last designer they hired didn’t provide them the results they were expecting.

In this post, you can see photos of some of the finalized products (the website’s pages). Except for the pictures (they are from Depositphotos.com), but if you visit their site (www.tapnfeel.com), you’ll see the finalized design, with all purchased photos, and of course, you can take a look at what they do and how Tapnfeel works.

Tapnfeel Modern Web Design Quito, Ecuador

Speaking of the design, I used various colors: orange, black and mostly gray tones, as they were looking for a modern, fresh & attractive look for customers. Also, I thought, a great color palette could be created with these colors. Orange was utilized as the base because this is their brand’s identity color.

Excellent Cheap Web Design Quito, Ecuador

It is also important to mention how the design succeeds in giving Tapnfeel a colorful and fresh look, while at the same time white spaces are utilized to give it a much more modern touch (and respecting the petition & wishes made by the client).

Modern Amazing Website Design in Quito, Ecuador

I think the finalized product is fantastic! Also, we can say that we have another happy customer who congratulated Unelma Eri Design Studio  for the great work done! (Seriously, they sent us an email about it when the design was finally implemented!).



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